2014-08-09 19:01:26 by Corode

I've made an NG account for my new project, FenceFIELD. More information can be found there. Thanks to the 13 fans I have on here that supported Corode, even if it was just a little bit.

That's all, folks.


2014-07-27 22:16:14 by Corode

So, the album's done and Corode is coming to an end. I consider this project as a beginning, training wheels.

I'll be starting another project sometime soon.



2014-05-08 01:00:09 by Corode

So I've been working on an album, my first. It should be finished in around a month or so.

So far it's comprised of 8 tracks (more in the works).

That's all I have to say.4479965_139952530022_cover.png